Our key strength is acting as Secretary-Manager of the Owners and the responsibility of ensuring the materialization of the various agreements that property owners or presidency have reached.


The ordinary communal accounting work (settlements, budgets), management rotation and collection of ordinary and extraordinary receipts, preparation and sending all communications of interest, attendance at meetings, custody and management of documentation.



Our professional intervention is management of rental properties, covering all needs and incidents (payments, repairs. ...) And control the correct application of rental law (inflation increases, ongoing works, duration of contracts, extensions, ....).

The only concern you should have is to charge the tenant at the end of each month.


We move in three areas: Rental, sales and business transfers.


• Rent: We have a broad customer base and mechanisms to find the appropriate tenants. We advise on contractual terms, and the impact and resulting tax implications (deductions, benefits ...) Our marketing experience enables us to advise customers equally in determining the solvency of the potential occupants.


• Sale: We evaluate the property for sale and offer it to our portfolio of prospective buyers, as well as mechanisms to new potential customers.  We offer all the necessary legal and tax advice for the transaction.


• Transfer: We evaluate the premises or business subject to transfer and as for rent and sale, we offer customer portfolios and have our own professional marketing mechanisms.



The legal department is specialized in the field of civil law, and within this field in the specific legislation of Horizontal Property, Urban Leases, contracts in general and successions.


For other specialties or legal issues and disputes (administrative, labor, fiscal, commercial, criminal ..) we are connected with other consultancy firms in Barcelona specialized in these matters.



The Accounting / Tax and labour department specializes in offering expert advice to companies.

In addition to consultancy, within the field of accounting / tax all types of tax returns (income, property, VAT, ..) we handle preparation of accounting, financial advice and all procedures before the tax administration.

Also, in the workplace we handle all kinds of actions such as payroll, social security, any proceedings before government agencies (disability, retirement, following social benefits, ...), contracts, reconciliations, judgments, inspections.



This services covers contracting insurance to managing all incidents arising from policies that make up the portfolio. We advise the client on the most appropriate insurance depending on the type of property.